Polyurethane Flooring Application

How is Polyurethane Flooring Applied?  

First of all, two-component rubber adhesive is applied to the floor that is free from all kinds of dirt, dust and moisture.

After applying the adhesive, an 8 mm thick SBR roll material is laid onto the surface. The resulting black granules are filled with a pore-filling material called a sealer.

A polyurethane layer is created with a thickness of 2 mm, which is achieved by using approximately 2.50 kg of polyurethane per square meter, applied over the sealer layer.

After the polyurethane layer has dried, a matte top coat paint, which is also polyurethane-based and non-reflective, is applied.

Once the top coat paint has dried, desired game lines are drawn to make the court ready for use.

In this system used for indoor sports halls, there are no joints, providing a completely seamless finish on the floor. The ease of cleaning and hygienic properties are among the reasons why this system is preferred. Additionally, it is suitable for all sports played with a ball, does not cause muscle fatigue, and has a long lifespan, making it advantageous and practical.




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